Sana joined us along the way! She’s a big fashion fan! She brought the idea of ​​the Converse model to the Shoozy team. She brings many ideas, including the patterns next to the first name. She is also a specialist in social media and emojis.


He’s one of the founder of Shoozy. He is a specialist in figures, marketing and a great fan of new technologies. He looks the top of the class but he is a person who likes to joke.


"The mom of the group"! As a young mother of two, she supervises the entire production chain. She is in charge of the quality control of each shoe and takes care to keep a great working climate. She is also behind the Friday morning “french croissant” ritual.


He’s one of the founder of Shoozy. He is passionate about sneakers, photography and kitesurfing! He organized numerous events around the field of customization in London in partnership with big brands such as Adidas. Very optimistic, he is often criticized for seeing life big: he is a dreamer.