What is Shoozy?

Shoozy is a company that personalizes your baby shoes. We are specialized in customization for shoes from size 1.5k to 9.5K (we make some shoes from size 10.5k to UK 2 for childrens).

What are the processes? Is it safe?

Our customization techniques are adapted to baby shoes. The paint used is completely harmless.

Is it permanent?

Yes ! Our processes ensure that the paint is associated with the shoe. So our customization is as resistant as a classic brand paint, water, heat or any other bad weather conditions will not damage it.

What are the delivery times ?

Our customizations are designed and shipped between 7 to 15 working days.

How to return or exchange a personalization?

Because Shoozy is a personalization service and not a direct shoe sale, we cannot take back your shoes (article L212-21-8 of the consumer code). So, be careful not to go wrong with the size, model, first name and date of birth to customize.

However, returns are accepted if a customization defect has been made from our part.

How to maintain my shoes?

Like any shoe, it is not recommended to wash them in the washing machine. This would damage the shoes as well as the customization. We recommend that you clean them with a brush and soap.